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Disposed on the Mercedes Benz, usher in VOLVO

Date:12/23/2011 08:42:48

Disposed on the Mercedes Benz, usher in VOLVO
      ——Will join VOLVO win

June 15, 2011 - 17 days we greeted German Benz company to my company 's CSE audit. During these three days, the German Benz company experts based on the Mercedes-Benz company audit standards for my company's logistics, production, development, supply, quality and other departments to conduct a comprehensive review, think I reached for the Mercedes Benz companies supply the basic requirements, allow me to run quickly the company supply company.
As everyone knows, Benz company is a world famous automobile manufacturing enterprises, its car product is noble and luxury, with excellent quality, superior performance and known for. Can be run quickly the company supporting enterprise always is the world's automobile accessory enterprises, especially for Chinese automobile accessory enterprise goal. Our company can become the Benz company supporting enterprise, our company has a world class company management concept, also shows that our products have reached the advanced world level.
When we commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding the Communist Party of China in July, we will usher in the production of the world's most secure vehicles and famous famous automobile production enterprises -- Volvo company to my company's MSA audit. It is said that in the near future our company will also become Volvo supporting enterprise.
At this point, my company after more than 10 years of struggle, finally achieved except for the BMW company outside of the world famous automobile companies supporting the ambitious targets.

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